Israele e la Guerra Psicologica Subsonica

Dopo le minacce da fosse ardeatine di distruggere un palazzo di dieci piani a Beirut per ogni razzo caduto su una città israeliana, l’esercito israeliano da un’altra dimostrazione di civiltà e lealtà
Israeli Sonic Booms Over Gaza

Although it had evacuated its settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip earlier this year, Israel continues to control the territory’s airspace, coastline and borders. It has also continued to carry out air raids against what it says are militant targets. What’s more, Israeli jets are are now said to be flying regularly over the Palestinian land, with sonic booms designed to be a show of force.

Doctors’ groups have filed a petition at the Israeli Supreme Court seeking to halt air force jets from breaking the sound barrier over the Gaza Strip. The UN says the tactic is an abuse of human rights, causing widespread fear especially among children, and medics say it induces miscarriages.

(via indymedia uk)

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