Per le strade di Hollywood sta succedendo qualcosa di strano, come se le pagine di Distractionsi andassero inaspettatamente realizzando.

Last night the black helicopters were swooping low over HYDE in search of intruders and aliens. About thirty illegal paparazzi headed for the hills as the dark choppers descended over the scene of JESSICA SIMPSON’s escape out the back. Probably she is hurrying home to Daddy, so he can snap some more phony paparazzi shots for the tabloids.

Whatever the reason, the BLACKHAWKS hovered and shined their searchlights, as they scoured the area. By the time I arrived, the illegal alien paparazzi, wanted on warrants sex offender paparazzi, on parole paparazzi, gang member paparazzi, and, newly arrived Dominican Republic citizens working for X-17, had all disappeared.

Most were chasing Paris. She had been in earlier and left, but the alien throng chasing her contacted their compadres by cell phone, to join the chase.

My hope is that a giant DHS/ICE/PAROLE/SHERIFF/LAPD bus will show up, throw a big net, and haul all these guys back to their own countries, or throw them back in prison.

But that’s just my wish. Probably nothing will happen. But you never know, this is an election year.

Elicotteri neri volano bassi nella notte di Los Angeles. Arrivano nella zona dei locali notturni e iniziano la caccia ai paparazzi che non sono fotografi ma band di criminali che perseguitano le stars. Bionde dive dell’enbtertainment inseguite, tamponate, fino a farle preferire rapporti fotografici incestuosi con i loro padri-padroni-manager-fotografi esclusivi


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